Life Smacks You in the Back of the Head….Again

          Life smacks you once and then sometimes smacks you again in the back of the head. Without warning. It may be medical bills. It may be credit card debt that just will not go away. Could be a job loss. It all could happen a month after you filed bankruptcy or a year. What can you do? The simple answer is bankruptcy. There is almost always a bankruptcy that can help you. Whether it is a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13, or a Partial Chapter 13, there is almost always a bankruptcy solution. And though Chapter 13 means you will have a payment of maybe $60, $80 and maybe more, Chapter 13 does not necessarily mean that your medical bills and credit cards will be paid a dime. Many times they get nothing at all. Sometimes a car that you have paid on for years can be included and kept and you may pay less for your  bankruptcy payment than you were paying for the car payment. Don’t give up until you have talked to an experienced attorney who knows where most of the bodies are buried. You want the many ways to skin the cat that 35 years of experience provides. I mean I like doctors (when I like doctors) who have seen a lot of things. I am not looking to learn on you, I am looking to help you with what I have learned. Call for free appointment at 719-542-2007 or 719-632-9991 or 800-8000-LAW.