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Why Do Mortgage Lenders and Car Dealers Refer People to Me for Bankruptcy?

Sometimes they do. It may be a covert, sort of an under the table referral or not. It happens and it happens because they know that they cannot make money off of someone who cannot qualify for their loan products. Period. So they send them to me. They know as I know that bankruptcy can be a start. A start to put you back on the treadmill. You fell off or were shoved off the crazy free wheeling credit driven treadmill of a life that we find ourselves running on. You want to get back on that treadmill and the lenders want you to, also, as that is how they make their money. This is probably a good time for an old man with thousands of rodeos under his belt to jump up on a stump and start giving out advice: “Stay home and be safe and do not ever spend anything and get an old car and live in a shopping cart and now pay me for my advice” may be what I want to say, but seriously take a minute to think about that treadmill. Was it fun or not? Are there changes you can make to make the ride more controllable? I always tell people of my luck with buying cars off of Craig’s List. I save a little money and then I buy for cash. You would be absolutely surprised at the deals that are possible if you just look around, play smart, and yes save a little money, you can get great deals. The comment I get from many folks is “I can’t save money.” But you have to know that that may be the other guy, the LAST guy that was you. If you get up today you can be anyone you want. YOU decide. Try it. Try to save and see how much easier it is than 5 years ago when you were younger and more stupid. You learned a lot since the last time you tried to save. I just watched sports reports saying Ronda Rousey tonight kicked the crap out of a lady to retain her UFC title. She seriously is meaner than a junk yard dog. She said something interesting and that was that she has had lots of friends let her down but her goals that she works for and achieves never let her down. Maybe your goal is to save a little money or maybe you have another goal to better yourself. Take the baby steps. Don’t look at the big picture. Focus on doing something TODAY. Credit though is intruding more and more in our lives. This scares me to death. Sometimes filing bankruptcy can speed up the process of fighting that battle of getting your credit back again. Not only can the lenders then work with you (for better or for worse) but you might also find ways to fight your financial battles in other areas if your credit score is improved.


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