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We Are Not Your Daddy’s Law Firm

WE ARE NOT YOUR DADDY'S LAW FIRM My mother and others of her generation used to think her doctor had wisdom in personal matters. She believed that what the doctor said had value, no matter what the subject might be. Personally I never understood why anyone would want personal advice from someone who spent their whole life with their head inside a biology book. The point is that our firm gives you the best advice we can come up with as to BANKRUPTCY. We do not want to run your life. If you want that, there are other firms that will do that for you. We will not tell you to sell your car or what or what not to buy. We do not micromanage your life. Our job as we see it is to give you as many OPTIONS as we can ascertain. We study and we go to conferences and we listen to other attorneys' ideas. We are not perfect and we make mistakes but if you work with us many good things can happen. If you want a firm that will ACT like it has all the answers, if you want to pay for fancy dark wood lined offices, if you want advice on how to live your life, if you want attorneys who will make you feel stupid and uncomfortable, you are in the wrong place. We simply do the best we can for our clients as we laugh together and get through these crazy economic times together. The good news is that bankruptcy DOES usually have answers, and that there is NO SHAME in these paperwork adventures. SHAME was created by the banker who lives on the biggest hill in town, and SHAME is what keeps him there. There is NO SHAME in making your life better for you and your family. Sometimes in a bankruptcy proceeding a Trustee will ask "Do you know that a bankruptcy will have a negative effect on your credit?" I argue with that. But there is no argument with the fact that many times a bankruptcy will MAKE YOUR LIFE SO VERY, VERY MUCH BETTER. Welcome to the CROSS LAW FIRM. -Tony Cross

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