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San Luis Valley UFO Discount

Crestone and Alamosa and all of the San Luis Valley: all must come to Pueblo for their bankruptcy hearings. We have an office in Pueblo and in Colorado Springs. If you arrive in a UFO we give a 10% discount. But seriously most of your case can be done by phone and by the mail, but I would like you to come to Pueblo at least once for your signing and then you have to come to Pueblo for your bankruptcy hearing with me. It IS interesting that many of my clients from the San Luis Valley have seen or heard strange things, like lights in the sky, cattle mutilations and other interesting things. Some do not want to talk about it as they are afraid of being thought crazy but I love to hear the stories. Who knows what is true but it is fascinating. You can call and we can set you for a free telephone initial consultation. Looking forward to meeting you

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