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Most of us Don’t Need Enemies

I think about the fact that most of us do not need enemies when I pour large amounts of sugar on my Raisin Bran or I drink another of my many Coca Colas.

At some point we have to follow the science. By that I mean the data compiled on thousands of human experiences.

The truth is that people die quicker who can’t get themselves to eat right. Duh. People who live longest eat a plant They also have full lives and usually do not spend a lifetime hating their neighbors. It’s in the data.

Yes, you can smoke a pack of cigarettes daily, drink til drunk every night, and eat nothing but pop tarts and skittles. Doing this you MIGHT live to be 120. You can in fact win the lottery. Someone does. Will it be you? Will your family start to realize that their weird old scraggly mean drunk Uncle is surviving way past everybody else? Probably not.

In the financial world, the data says that people who do not pay loans on new cars constantly, who do not gamble away all extra money, who do not run up credit card bills like it is their money, who do not have operations so that they can run up medical bills (collectors act like you do that, right?), and who do not have a string of ex-wives and 9 kids for whom they pay child support…usually these people who do not do that stuff seem to do better financially than the rest of us,

So please follow the science when you can. Or follow some of it anyway. By science I just mean that if you do some experiment and the result always comes out the SAME way, then probably you either change your ways or you will get the same result. A popular I think screwy definition of insanity that is attributed sometimes to Albert Einstein is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Who knows if the quote is Einstein’s or not, and to me it is humorous but not accurate, but you get the point. We are all waiting for the lottery to hit, but until then follow the science if you want things to change

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