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Just Say No – Bankruptcy Next Step…

What happens after foreclosure? Is it over? Do you owe anything after foreclosure? Maybe.

If the foreclosure sale does not produce enough money, you may be responsible for the balance. Bankruptcy of course gets rid of that. It is all good. The point is that if you are losing your home that is a temporary setback maybe. But to be then chased for a balance is downright nasty. Just say no to a balance after foreclosure. Bankruptcy can clean that up and any other bills that you have. So what if you have a foreclosure. You fight for the home and then you lose it. It may seem like it is the end of your financial world but it is not. There are many ways to skin the cat and you just need to find another way to do it. You want to own a home? Then spend your time figuring out how to do it. Maybe you can clean up your credit in 3 years after bankruptcy. Maybe you can find a rent to own situation. Obviously be careful in those situations as there are sharks ready to eat you in that scam. But, there are also good people who see that as a way to maybe get more money from a home or are having trouble selling a home, or a thousand other reasons. Do not sit back and analyze all the reasons why it will not work. If you do that, you are done. If YOU give up on you, you are done and you will never own another home. But, if that is your goal, and I am not sure these days that owning a home is any kind of guarantee of a way to build equity, but if that is your goal, start talking to realtors, start building your credit, start talking to lenders, but most importantly, start looking at the black box in front of you. Your COMPUTER literally has all the answers. Your job is to dig them out. Do not waste time regretting that last house. Your better home is waiting down the road. How long is the road? Depends on you, your imagination, little bit of luck, and how much time you put into it. The guy who created Dell Computers and made billions said after a success “Celebrate for a nanosecond and then move on.” It goes double for any setbacks. No regrets. Move the hell on. And what is a setback anyway? Thomas Edison said “If I find ten thousand ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” YOU decide what a situation means to you. If people can decide to sing and enjoy their last moments when being led to certain death, certainly you and I can make the best out of our life situations. You decide your take on this event and all others that face you. You decide what lessons you learn and how those will push you forward even faster to your goals. Listen to NO ONE who would jump on your dreams. Every successful person has had many, many people tell them that things they wanted to do could not be done. The difference between you and those very successful people? Nothing. What was special about them? They did not listen to anyone else. They just kept going toward their goals and those GOALS are ones that they themselves made up. You can do that. No problem.

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