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Get Up, Stand Up, and Don’t Ever Give Up

Michael Irvin in his National Football League Hall of Fame speech spoke these words. He had huge success in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. But he also had huge problems involving drug and prostitute arrests. Most of us will never suffer the low of being arrested in a hotel room with cocaine, sex toys and prostitutes, nor the high of playing in three super bowls and being inducted into the NFL Football Hall of Fame. His speech at his Hall of Fame induction can be found at Make sure you at least listen to the last several minutes. All you can do is keep trying. We deal with all of the problems set in front of us and then we also have to deal with whatever hits us in the back of the head. Th trick is to keep getting up and keep trying and even do it with a smile on your face. Bankruptcy may or may not help you. We are available if you want to look at it. We have the nicest people, I swear we do, and we are here to help. Bankruptcy is our passion.

“You tell everyone or anyone who has ever doubted, thought they did not measure up, or wanted to quit… You tell them to look up, get up, and never give up.”

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