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Fountain Creek Mess / Sorry to Lower Arkansas Valley Towns

As a child growing up near Fountain Creek in Colorado Springs, the joke was that if you walked in Fountain Creek you would glow in the dark. If you go to the confluence of the Arkansas and the Fountain in Pueblo, you will see the beautiful pristine Arkansas River converging with a nasty sludgy gross river called Fountain Creek, which actually is the size of a good size river. That whole river then gets thrown east to Avondale, Manzanola, Rocky Ford, La Junta, Las Animas, Wiley, Lamar, Granada, and other lucky cities.

Fountain Creek goes through Colorado Springs, the home of the United States Olympic Training Center, and right beside the America the Beautiful Park. Well, you better not FISH in that river, creek, whatever, because it is nasty. I wonder if they hand out clothes pins for the noses of visitors to the park.

The Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire TWICE years ago. You have to have a pretty messed up waterway to have it catch on fire. TWICE. But they cleaned it up and the last time I checked people not only fish it but also EAT the fish from that River. Do not try that in the America the Beautiful city. Can’t even fish in this beautiful city in what could be a beautiful river? There are deep problems obviously and probably involve stuff coming down from Denver (sixty miles doesn’t clean it?), grandfathered rights to pollute, old mining tailings, naturally occurring contaminates, and oh yeah now and then Colorado Springs will let loose some sewage to get the mixture JUST RIGHT. What IS the problem? I know that there are well meaning folks who have spent lots of time trying to correct this. But, how exactly do the city fathers sell this city when people ask about fishing the Fountain? A better bet would be to fish in your toilet.

People from cities east of Pueblo go to Pueblo for their bankruptcy hearings. We have an office in Pueblo and in Colorado Springs. Most of your case can be done by phone and by the mail, but I would like you to come to Pueblo at least once for your signing so that we can meet, you can go over everything and we can answer questions, you can see my bankruptcy film, and then you have to come to Pueblo for your bankruptcy hearing with me. Sincerely, as a Colorado Springs resident since 5th grade, I want to apologize for Fountain Creek and what we send your way. I mean it. There has to be a better way.Just call and we can set you for a free telephone initial consultation. Looking forward to meeting you. 542-2007 (no longer have to use 719 if you are in the 719 area). Thanks.

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