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Doctors Need to Stand Up to Power

If you have been sick and now have huge medical bills, you need to think about how did this happen? Why are you in this position? Let’s get it out right now that no one EVER gets sick on purpose. Thus, it is not your fault. Yes you could have been eating better and following the science as to your health to improve your good health prospects. But, is it right to punish those who make bad health decisions with the loss of everything that they have to pay medical bills? I think not. I think NOT because no other civilized country on this Earth does it that way. Why do we as the country that styles itself as the world’s champion of freedom; why do we take everything from our citizens and give it to the investors in medical service companies? What gives them the right to profit from our sickness? It is wrong. Flat out it is WRONG. At some point it is the DOCTORS who need to stand up to this mess. Doctors have seen their decisions challenged by insurance adjusters with no medical education and probably no post graduate education. Nothing wrong with a high school diploma but making medical decisions as to amount of care, type of care, length of care, just because they are charged with lessening COST of care, should not be done by a person with no medical training. Becoming a doctor used to be a guarantee that you would make a fortune doing the right thing for people. Both “making a fortune” and being able to “do the right thing” for their patients are now in question. New attorneys at an incredible rate have flooded into our culture and the result has been specialization, lowering of costs, and has had other positive effects. I think that much of this has been a good thing. It is true that becoming a lawyer is no longer a guarantee of a huge income and a corporate jet. I think it would surprise you to know the low average income of attorneys. There are rock stars in this business and then there are attorneys who advertise on tv until you are sick of seeing them. Is there not a limit? But the normal attorney out there is not making a whole lot of money; especially considering that many have mortgaged their futures on student loan bills. (Which of course is another travesty.) As to DOCTORS, there has NOT been a glut of new doctors flooding in, lowering prices, offering new and cheap services. There is not a boom of new schools being created so that we get more doctors. It is SHAMEFUL that there are not more medical schools and that is no accident. Like an ancient guild or a tough Chicago trade union, the medical community has made damn sure that they limit the number of doctors. Ostensibly to protect the quality of care, the medical doctor numbers have been kept down artificially and to protect the medical community and their tight grip on their perceived property right. The limiting of medical doctors is NOT to help the American public. Look, the huge amount of attorneys that are turned out of law schools every year is a great example. And the quality of service? You do NOT want to challenge a new attorney or an attorney from a lesser known school as if you do they will stay up all night, all weekend and all month if necessary to kill you legally if possible. They have fought to get into law school and they will fight you as if their lives depended on it. More people get legal care in more ways and generally the result has been a better informed and better represented public. The attorney model could be repeated with doctors. We could easily have more schools, more options,and no death grip by insurance companies. There has been very little increase in medical schools and that is a CRIME. Go into emergency waiting rooms and see how long you wait. Disgusting. What there HAS been is insurance companies solidifying their death grip on doctors and how they make a living. The insurance industry controls all of it. And DOCTORS need to rise up and fight this, as they are for the most part people who want to be able to help other people and to provide as much great medical care to as many people as possible. The rock star neonatologist baby eye surgeons will always make a million dollars a year and well they should. But the average physician is seeing their income go down, their malpractice insurance skyrocket, more of the control of their practice taken away from them daily, and their average standard of living going down yearly. It is TIME that doctors rise up and demand better, and when they do the rest of us will get better medical care and someday, maybe, be able to keep what we have earned in our lifetimes. Meanwhile, if you are in today’s world, in the country that professes to be the champion of liberty, but in actuality chains their populace in medical bills, you need to fight back when you have medical bills. If they cannot be paid (and often the amount is totally out of whack with what people make, like $20,000 per year income and a surprise medical emergency bill of $50,000) then you can file bankruptcy and get rid of them. In a country where it is okay to make money off of the health of our people, it is certainly okay to dispose of these bills in bankruptcy.


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