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Debt Zombies and Walking Cash Cows

What does the Cross Law Firm offer? We offer solutions to your problems as we see them. Yes, we file bankruptcies and that is how we make our living. BUT, and it is a huge BUT, we do not file your bankruptcy if we feel that you do not need one. If you are elderly and have no job, no assets, no income except social security and can stand fending off creditors, we try to get you not to file bankruptcy and to incur the extra expense. We always have done that. We too have to sleep at night. If you want help with creditors, you can buy that service from us. You can get what you need and ONLY what you need. If you are unemployed and will never work again, maybe there is a better way. We will not make a living off off you but we feel that honesty pays us back when you refer others to us. I am 63. Life is too short.

We have the nicest people in this or any other business. I rate us on our arbitrary scale at a 99.3% on a 100% scale. Even we can have a bad day.

We understand that we all control the small things set in front of us in life, but that the really big things hit us in the back of the head. Our job as we see it is to help you establish normality as soon as possible. It is not normal to have to stress how to pay medical bills that spring up on you and make it impossible to live. There are incredibly smart people out there who spend their life work figuring out ways to put the American public on their debt list so that they can profit monthly from you for the rest of your life. Part of that has to do with trying to guilt you in to thinking that you are somehow a bad person to be in debt and that it is even worse for you to file a bankruptcy to get out of that debt. Please. If smart people are doing their best to profit off of you, surely it is ok for you to play defense. That is why the government put bankruptcy into our laws from the beginning of our country.

Think about “loopholes” in the tax code. There is no such thing. The IRS calls them “incentives”. Tax laws are made so that the money of our country flows in certain rivers and streams, just as our government wants it. There are no secrets and there are no mistakes, or they change it and change it quickly.

Bankruptcy is the same thing. It is not a bad thing, or a mistake, or they would have thrown it out a long time ago. It is simply a well thought out system that creates a way for us to get out of debt slavery. England used to put people in jail who had debt. Now how do you ever get out of debt that way? Or think about a credit card debt at 18%. Paying the interest only makes you in debt jail for the rest of your life. Every 5 or 6 years you pay the debt again and it never goes away. YOU ARE A WALKING CASH COW for the rest of your life.

Your government, with all its problems, put bankruptcy into law not only to benefit you but so that you can again be a productive citizen. DEBT ZOMBIES do not make for a thriving, functioning bunch of crazy money-spending Americans.

I have realized over the last 35 years of practicing that if I am going to spend my time doing this, then I am going to have fun and be around the nicest and funniest people I could find. We now have a fine tuned group of loonies who are sweet and funny and highly competent. We have a job to do and we do it WITH you and FOR you, with humor and teamwork. We are impressed that you have chosen us to help you and we try our best to be true to that trust. All the rest is just fluff

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