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Bankruptcy Is Hope

The best stories in life are those where the hero starts from nothing and through hard work, smart thinking and maybe a little luck succeeds and succeeds BIG.

The hard work comes from your passion. The hard work may be going no where, so you need to maybe look at ALL your opportunities. The hardest job I ever had was at Burger Chef when I was a kid and for $1.10 per hour. I immediately started planning/scamming on some other job. My second hardest and most boring job was as a nail off guy in new construction. I have been running from that job ever since. You do not stay where you have no passion. But you keep that day job until you find another. Do not be stupid here. But, keeping trying to find and then follow your passion after work and on weekends, whenever and whatever. There are no excuses.

Let’s talk about luck here. I read something a very rich guy said about his beginnings. His friends said that he was just lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. He said that they were right. But he said that the important thing about him, the part that they were missing, was that he was EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES. What he meant was that he was trying 100 things at all times. One of those worked and worked big. The luckiest person is the one who is trying everything. So in your life are you waiting for someone to knock on your door and give you the sweepstakes money? Are you going to maybe play video games until you win the lottery?

Best job I ever had was delivering pizzas. But I knew that if that was the end of my ambitions, I would for the rest of my life live in the basement of my mom’s house or in a van down by the river. So, I kept plotting and learning everything I could. The fact is that we do not know what will happen and we do not know what will work. No one does. But if you keep learning about everything you can, and if you keep as many irons in the fire as that rich guy did, something will happen and you will be ready for it. IT HAS TO because you will not stop until they put a stake in your heart or at least until you are 100 years old. Try everything and START NOW.

Smart thinking might include bankruptcy in your situation. If you are in a debt situation where you will be month to month or worse forever, what with interest, fees, fines, and other craziness, and it will take years and years to see the light of day, maybe you need to use the bankruptcy law. That is what is was made for, helping people.

It used to be that in England they could throw you in JAIL for your debt. When we came over and made the good old USA, we threw that out. So no more jail but what has been created is another VIRTUAL JAIL for a LOT of people. You get to pay for shiny metal that you drive around and pay monthly for years beyond when the shiny metal no longer drives. You also get to pay house payments on a home you will never own. Your grandparents would pay their home off and used to have mortgage burning parties. Not any more. You know anyone who ever had one of those? And, since our medical system is FOR PROFIT, many of us end up with medical debt that eats up everything we made during our lifetime. Most other modern countries have their governments pay for medical care for their citizens. Those countries laugh at our system.

So what can you do? The truth is that one hand of our government has no idea what the other hand is doing. The truth is that this same government provides BANKRUPTCY. It only makes sense. If citizens can get rid of their debts, they can become functioning citizens again who can buy stuff, make the economy work and get the whole circus going again. How you handle the circus the next time is up to you, but first you have to get even.

Thousands of people have filed bankruptcy through my office, including 2 of my 3 sisters. I do not remember anyone coming back to us and wishing they had never done it.

I mean if there are no good alternatives except winning the lottery or doing a bankruptcy, you can try the lottery for a couple of years, but maybe bankruptcy is a good idea before they start taking 1/4 of your wages or putting liens against your real estate.

Glad to talk to you about bankruptcy. Maybe it’s time to get back even again. Bankruptcy is HOPE. If you are down, do SOMETHING but NEVER GIVE UP.

The HERO in your life has to be you. You are the star of your movie. Recently I watched 8 Mile again and it like many others is a story of an individual going from nothing to great success. Watch these movies and read books that successful people write; learn to think like them. Every day take baby steps toward your dreams.

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