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Bankruptcy As Family

The people I work with are a family. The people we help are drawn into that family. A family is not perfect and we are not perfect but our hearts are in the right place. Yes it is how we make our living; we have to pay our bills and we have to eat. The great thing about the bankruptcy law though is that you can help people with this system. It is a good thing to be able to make a living helping people.

I sometimes say that 1 out of 100 people that you deal with in life you ought to be able to shoot. That is obviously just colorful language but the point intended is interesting in its truth. Some folks just are unhappy and no one can make them happy so they look for people to blame. If that is your current situation. please find another law office. We just do not have time to deal with helping clients and that drama too. Most other attorneys will try to help you. They are mostly great people with your interests in mind. Some though have less experience, some seem condescending, and some lack the social skills that a porcupine was born with.

We start out loving our clients and hope to be able to love them at the end. It is fascinating that so many of life’s problems can be remedied by this system. There is ART to it. Not everyone sees these laws the same way. Again, if you think that that is not true, and you think that bankruptcy is just a fill in the blanks process, find another law office. Yes, some are a simple process…but most are not. Many have a trap door that has the potential to screw up your bankruptcy if not your life.

We want clients who can trust. Our job is made much easier when we can focus on the issues that have to deal with helping you. If you have trust issues with people in general but attorneys specifically, please find someone who will be indifferent and condescending who will earn your distrust. Life is too short to have to prove up our motivations instead of concentrating on getting you the best result that we can possibly attain.

If you want help from a group that enjoys helping people who want financial help and are worthy of your trust, please call us and let’s get started.

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