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Attorneys Are Great People

Attorneys Are Great People. Know that the popular perception is that attorneys are bad people. We as attorneys even push that at times and for the life of me I do not understand. Doctors treat each other better than we treat ourselves and as a result we respect them more. The fact is that attorneys by and large are wonderful people. To the best of their abilities they are honest, hard working, and help their clients as if their clients’ problems were their own personal problems. Yes, like doctors, there are bad apples, but the vast majority in both professions are fine folks. Attorneys have a doctorate in law. In some European countries attorneys are called doctors It is a lot of education but it is worth it. So, enjoy your visit with your attorney and realize that he has chosen a profession where he can help people when they need it most.

Old attorneys are like fine wine. You wouldn’t try to drink the grape would you? I have been practicing for 35 plus years. I have had ups, downs, crazy stuff happen to me and to my clients, as have all attorneys who are on the front lines helping people. You get an education along the way. You find out where a lot of the bodies are buried. Most importantly, you learn a lot of lessons that can be passed on to your clients. Whether it is physicians, engineers, mechanics or firemen, if the price is right why in the hell would you want help from a person just starting their career? You want some one to learn on you? Everyone will try as hard as they can but only some will have had thousands of these experiences.

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