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All Languages can Participate in Bankruptcy

A person can pretty much file bankruptcy in Colorado no matter what language they speak. Our office has had many clients who do not speak English. You just need to bring someone with you to your appointments who can translate for you and who can help you with your paperwork. We will do all we can do to help you but someone who can translate for you and if they have the time to help with your paperwork is very helpful. At the hearing there is a translation service that the Bankruptcy Trustee will call. Spanish, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, Australian (just kidding), German, Tagalog, Vietnamese, African, Italian, and many others. If the translation service does not cover your language, I assume that we will have to get a translator of our own. I say assume because the translation service has so many languages that I have not had a client who spoke a non included language since they started this service.

Who exactly can file Bankruptcy in Colorado, whether you are in this country as an illegal alien, as a resident or nonresident, a citizen or not a citizen, these are questions for your attorney. You do not have to be a United States citizen. Ask your attorney who can file Bankruptcy in Colorado. Bankruptcy is for helping people and the number of people who can use it is probably larger than you think. Bankruptcy is a good thing. Come in for a free appointment and we can see if it makes sense for you or your loved ones.

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