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Credit Counseling

Is Credit Counseling a Good Alternative to Bankruptcy?

Beware of the option of credit counseling services. Many times it just plain does not work and ends up costing you a fortune to find that out. It sounds great, but rarely accomplishes your goals. 

The theory of course being that you can get all of creditors to accept a plan that involves lower payments, lower interest rates, rolling money to the back of the loan, and whatever.

For example, you start paying maybe $400 per month through the program for say two years, some $9,600.
And then you get served with a lawsuit by one of the say 10% of your creditors who just decide NOT to go along with the program.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM:  Credit Counseling Services have absolutely NO POWER to make anyone do anything.
Creditors who do not want to play the game can sue you.

So you are making your $400 payments every month AND someone starts taking 1/4 of your wages and usually 100% of anything they find in a bank account, asking you through interrogatories about your assets (forced to answer with the threat of contempt), your bank, your real estate, and your employer and your income and you are forced to answer with the threat of contempt, and throwing judgment liens against real estate.
You do the right thing, you pay through the nose,  and then you find yourself in even bigger trouble.

A call to the credit counseling service gets the response of "There is nothing we can do. They have the right to sue you." And there you are...

I have filed several bankruptcies for people who have spent $3,000 to $4,000 on credit counseling, and then we have filed their bankruptcy.

Look, if you want to pay back your creditors, do it after the bankruptcy. Pay them anything you want, whatever you want, but without your friendly professional hasslers in your ear from dawn to dusk.

But what I really want you to do is to use your bankruptcy to clear your slate so you can go on with your life. The bankruptcy law, applicable in Colorado and every other state, uses the words FRESH START for the simple reason that that is what you are being given by the bankruptcy law.

We file bankruptcies all day long because it is our passion. If you want to make use of this wonderful law, we can file your bankruptcy and we serve all of Colorado.  


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